Quick Note

There are a still a lot of freebies outstanding which I will update each day. So be sure to check back later for more awesome C4D Freebies from myself and some of my friends.

As designers we all build up a collection of assets that we planned to use in a project somewhere, but never did. There’s an asset folder of 3D models or textures, scripts or presets that you’ve created that you’ve promised yourself you’ll use one day…

I’m inviting all Cinema 4D artists to help contribute their unused assets to this page, and help grow the C4D community in the process. We were all beginners at some stage and good free resources are hard to find on the net, lets help build up the community and share our knowledge.

How do I submit an asset to the site?

To submit an asset to the musecreative website, simply contact me on the Contact page with a link to model asset which you’d like to share and ill get in contact with you to finalize things. Easy as that.


No files submitted by users may contain any presets or plugins created by any other persons, paid-for or commercially free. Musecreative.net will not be held liable for any copyright infringements or any unlawful sharing of any files. Anyone found sharing or trying to share unlawful files on Musecreative.net will be banned from further contributing to the site. In essence, share your own work and your work alone.