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David Drayton (neosushi) has just launched The 99 Frames – Social Animation Project.

The aim of the project is for designers to explore and enjoy the new Cinema 4D R13 features through 99 frames of animation, no matter which skill level you have. Aimed at all levels of designers it focuses on having fun, learning and sharing your work with the world.

Rules are simple:

  • Download the CINEMA 4D R13 template here
  • If you can’t or don’t want to download, here are the settings you must stick to:
    • 99 frames long @ 30fps (and I mean exactly 99frames )
    • 800x450px – 16:9 resolution (this should keep render times manageable)
  • How and where to participate:
    • Use at least 1 new CINEMA 4D R13 feature ! (for example: Physical Camera / more info here)
    • No stills, only animation will be accepted
    • It must be your own work, no copycats !
    • Name your file as follows: 99frames_yourname
    • Use your real name and your web site, if you have one. This information will appear in the final post as well
    • A simple link back to on your post

The Judges:

The Prizes:

For more information, be sure to check out Neosushi’s Treehouse. I encourage everyone to get involved, it’s a great medium to get exposure and constructive critisism for the world’s leading professionals, and the best way to grow in your skill set is to have fun through exploration!

Good luck!

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