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Inspirational Piece – Golden Melody Awards (Nominations Graphics Reel)

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The 27th Golden Melody Awards is the Taiwanese equivalent to the Grammy Awards. It is also one of the three major annual awards presented in Taiwan along with Golden Bell Awards for television production and Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards for films.

The Nomination Graphics Reel is an inspiring piece that showcases a multitude of techniques and styles while creating a cohesive branding package that stands out.

A consistent use of vibrant, complimentary coloring combined with juxtaposing shapes and forms engage the viewer and bring out fresh and quirky Asian inspired nuances.

Each category is well thought-out and the attention to detail definitely deserves a frame-by-frame run through.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments below, would you like to see more inspirational posts like these?

The on-air packaging and visual branding for the show was commissioned to TMRRW. TMRRW is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Singapore. Check out more of their work here or follow them on Twitter.

Don’t let small problems stop your progress

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Often as designers and 3D artists, during the creation process we are often faced with roadblocks in how to achieve a certain look or how to complete a needed task to help us achieve our vision and art direction. There’s nothing more frustrating than battling with a “small” issue and wasting valuable hours on it when you have no one to ask for help. The upside to it though, is that you learn from it and you’ll more than likely never forget how to do it again.

That being said, if you’re ever in a bind or have a burning question about Cinema 4D or Adobe CC, I’d love to help. I’m a sucker for a good question and would enjoy the opportunity to help you solve your problem and progress forward with your work.

This is an open invitation for any beginner or intermediate users in C4D and anything up to advanced users in Adobe CC to follow me on twitter (@eugeneopperman), and if you’re ever stuck, drop me a tweet and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Growing the Cinema 4D community

I’d love you to also take 2 minutes to read my article Cinema 4D Asset Drive and donate an old C4D asset for the community to be able to use. It’s a great “Pay it forward” campaign and you stand a chance of winning some awesome prizes.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



A guide to happy

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The wonderful people over at Panoply London have created a well crafted piece entitled “A guide to happy”

A little insight (for the nerds)

The video was rendered entirely in Arnold for Cinema 4D, making extensive use of the alShaders and the JF Nested Dielectric (so beautiful, but some frames took up to 8hrs per frame on a 20core machine to render). Most of the animation was done in Cinema 4D with all of the heavy effects stuff done in Houdini and then brought back across using alembics and procedurals.

Nearly all the shots make use of in camera DOF (minus the heavy liquid shots) which we managed to get out in a very reasonable render time using AA samples of 7 (a few used AA 8 that used fine wires). Although this still held a little noise we were about clean it up easily in Fusion.

Panoply made good use of the volume rendering for the “disposable money” scene which also used custom attributes created in Houdini what we then took to C4DtoA to help with the shading (burnt edges).


Overall, a fantastic animation, with so much to learn from and drool over.

Be sure to check out the Panoply site for more inspiring creative and show them some love over on twitter.


Semi-Permanent Video and Breakdown

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Every now and then in the motion graphics world, a piece comes along and sets a new benchmark for every one out there. For me, the latest one to do that is the Semi-Permanent opening sequence. From the second it starts, you’re immediately drawn in by the intensity and epic scale of the universe thats been created by Raoul Marks.

Another thing which is truly outstanding is Raoul has taken the time to do a breakdown video, giving you a sneak peak into his thought process and workflow as well as making the Astronaut 3d model for C4D available to the public.

It’s amazing to see how the motion graphics and 3D community are developing a culture of giving and sharing and it’s my hope that this will continue to grow and we will continue to push each other to do greater things.

The original video and breakdown are below together with the links and credits. Be sure to visit and thank him for his generosity.

Semi Permanent Opening Titles


Try turning off the displacement in the suit and other materials for a quicker update.
Theres and FBX and two C4D files. one for Octane and one adapted for C4D native render.

Song: Moderat – A new error

Designed and Produced by

Titles kindly supported by

Iceland photography kindly provided by
Jake Sergeant

Music and SFX arranged by
Raoul Marks

Additional artwork by
Stanley Donwood & Noah Taylor

Reaffirming Everyday Projects

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I came across this cool talk by Ji Lee from a Creative Mornings (New York) keynote held in March 2011. Ji Lee, at the time Creative Director Google Labs, now Creative Director at Facebook.

The main takeout for me in this video is the importance of Everyday Projects and how creatives should start incorporating their personal projects into work projects.

Enjoy the keynote and I’m happy to keep the conversation going with comments so share your favourite takeout of this keynote.

Original source here

Becoming a better artist in 2015

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January is a time synonymous with resolutions and promises to become a better person. Whether it’s eating healthier, learning a new skill or finally signing up for a gym contract, people see a new year as an opportunity to improve on their lives.

In the spirit of new year resolutions I’ve summed up some of my key learnings to help you improve your skill set and ultimately become a better artist / designer. These can obviously be applied to a multitude of professions, but due to my personal experience I will be relating them to Cinema 4D.

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Maxon at IBC 2014

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Right after the success of Siggraph 2014, Maxon have delivered more impressive presentations at IBC 2014, held in Amsterdam.

Industry legends like Simon Holdemal (Man vs. Machine), Matthias Zabiegly (Aixsponza), Ryan Summers (Imaginary Forces) and Pingo van der Binkloev (C4DApt) are just a few of the brilliant minds sharing their production workflows and insights using Cinema 4D.

If you weren’t at the show, Maxon have kindly shared all the presentations here.

Enjoy the videos and enjoy learning new things!

Cinema4D presentations at FMX 2014

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The FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia is Europe’s most influential conference for digital entertainment where Art, Technology and Business meet. Every year, artists, specialists, scientists, producers and other key people come to FMX to network and to discuss production issues, exciting technologies and new ways of financing and distribution across the industries with an international audience.

I love live presentations and these are no exception. In these four videos, you’ll listen to Matthias Zabiegly (AixSponza), Florian Bruchhäuser (LIGA01), Oliver Meiseberg (MAXON) and John Hill (Vincent London) as they talk about production workflow, and share their invaluable knowledge.

For more information on FMX, visit their website at

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