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Tutorial 14 | Laser Scan

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Often ideas for tutorials arise when experimenting inside of Cinema 4D and trying out some ideas you’ve seen online before or have thought of and pushing yourself to discover ways of achieving them inside Cinema 4D.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover a quick and easy way to make a laser scan an object inside of Cinema 4D. This laser beam reacts well with all objects and is a sure-fire way to create a realistic laser scan for all your animations and motion graphics.


Free Models from Greyscalegorilla  Download here

Scene file from tutorial Download here

Tutorial 13 | Animating in Loft Nurbs

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As cool as sweep nurbs are, they lack the control that loft nurbs have over the profile. Loft nurbs fall short when it comes to animating the splines like sweep nurbs can, so in this new tutorial, I’ll show you how to combine the best of both.

Using a loft nurbs but having the control of being able to animate splines in.

As always comments are appreciated.

Tutorial 11 | Modelling a Pin Art Impression Toy

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The inner creative and explorer in each and any one of us has a rule when it comes to pin art impression toys. The rule is, you have to pick it up and see what your hand (or any other object near by) looks like extruded in pins.

A recent project of mine lead me to modeling one of these awesome gadgets and in the process I had a few learning curves which I thought it best to share with you guys.

Will get back to part 2 of Extruded Text tutorial later this week.

Hope you have fun and as usual, subscribe to the feed, comment down below and have a great time learning C4D!

Reference Images

Tutorial 7 | Spline Projection

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Hi friends, today’s a quick tutorial, but shows a very important feature inside Cinema 4D – Spline Projection. Take a look and I’m sure you’ll know how you can use this technique in your future projects.

I encourage you all to experiment with Cinema 4D and click on things you wouldn’t normally click on, it can lead you down a new path in your 3D work and can really accellerate your growth!

If you have any questions, or requests for future tutorials, please contact me through the contact page and I’ll gladly assist you!

Until next time – have an awesome weekend!

Tutorial 6 | Softserve Spline Animation

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Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope you’re all finding time to rest and recharge your creative energies. For today’s tutorial, we’ll learn how to animate a spline with the Plain Effector and MoSpline. It’s a great tutorial with a fundamental building block in animation.

I hope you all enjoy a safe Festive Season, I’m looking forward to sharing more Cinema 4D goodness with you in 2012 (if the Mayan’s aren’t right ;-))

Feel free to post your comments and questions below.