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Diffusion Designer Wood Shaders EP – Free Shaders

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To celebrate the launch of the Diffusion Designer Wood Shaders EP, we’ve put together five high resolution 6K shaders for VRayforC4D, for you to use in your projects, best news of all is, they’re free.

The free shaders are

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Semi-Permanent Video and Breakdown

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Every now and then in the motion graphics world, a piece comes along and sets a new benchmark for every one out there. For me, the latest one to do that is the Semi-Permanent opening sequence. From the second it starts, you’re immediately drawn in by the intensity and epic scale of the universe thats been created by Raoul Marks.

Another thing which is truly outstanding is Raoul has taken the time to do a breakdown video, giving you a sneak peak into his thought process and workflow as well as making the Astronaut 3d model for C4D available to the public.

It’s amazing to see how the motion graphics and 3D community are developing a culture of giving and sharing and it’s my hope that this will continue to grow and we will continue to push each other to do greater things.

The original video and breakdown are below together with the links and credits. Be sure to visit and thank him for his generosity.

Semi Permanent Opening Titles


Try turning off the displacement in the suit and other materials for a quicker update.
Theres and FBX and two C4D files. one for Octane and one adapted for C4D native render.

Song: Moderat – A new error

Designed and Produced by

Titles kindly supported by

Iceland photography kindly provided by
Jake Sergeant

Music and SFX arranged by
Raoul Marks

Additional artwork by
Stanley Donwood & Noah Taylor

Reaffirming Everyday Projects

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I came across this cool talk by Ji Lee from a Creative Mornings (New York) keynote held in March 2011. Ji Lee, at the time Creative Director Google Labs, now Creative Director at Facebook.

The main takeout for me in this video is the importance of Everyday Projects and how creatives should start incorporating their personal projects into work projects.

Enjoy the keynote and I’m happy to keep the conversation going with comments so share your favourite takeout of this keynote.

Original source here

Diffusion Update 7 and Siggraph Promotional Sale

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Siggraph is in full swing in Vancouver this week and as usual Maxon will be streaming live presentations from industry leaders from around the world as well as showing off the new features of Cinema 4D R16.

In celebration of the new release of Cinema 4D as well as Siggraph, we’re knocking 15% off all Muse Creative products in the store until Friday this week. It’s a limited time, but a great opportunity to extend your C4D arsenal! Just use the code “SIGGRAPH2014” when checking out of the store and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ve just dropped the latest instalment of our Diffusion Designer Shaders for Vray for C4D which pushes the boundaries of texturing in Vray in Cinema 4D and is sure to bring a whole new level to each and every render you use it in.

The latest additions are below, but you can check out the full gallery here.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for the constant support – Happy Rendering!

Cinema4D presentations at FMX 2014

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The FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia is Europe’s most influential conference for digital entertainment where Art, Technology and Business meet. Every year, artists, specialists, scientists, producers and other key people come to FMX to network and to discuss production issues, exciting technologies and new ways of financing and distribution across the industries with an international audience.

I love live presentations and these are no exception. In these four videos, you’ll listen to Matthias Zabiegly (AixSponza), Florian Bruchhäuser (LIGA01), Oliver Meiseberg (MAXON) and John Hill (Vincent London) as they talk about production workflow, and share their invaluable knowledge.

For more information on FMX, visit their website at

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Showcase Billboards | Gantry Teaser

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We’re edging closer to the release of the new Showcase preset, so here’s a look at THE GANTRY model which is one of the most diverse in the set.

Showcase is back and this time we’ve pulled out all the stops for the greatest set of billboard rigs for Cinema 4D. Available in standard and Vray, these billboards will integrate easily into your work and will allow you to continue creating master-pieces.

We’re preparing a great collection for a set that’s dubbed, “The last billboards you’ll ever buy”

Stay tuned on for more news.