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Diffusion 2.1 (Now 100% DR-Ready)

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So I think many, if not all, of you have been anticipating this update of Diffusion and I’m so excited to share it finally. We’ve been hard at work as usual, ensuring you receive the finest VRayforC4D shaders available and this update is definitely the culmination of hard work and attention to detail.

The biggest news for many is that the entire pack is now DR-Ready! This means that every shader will render exactly the same through Distributed Rendering as it will on a standalone scene. We’ve thoroughly tested each shader ensuring the finest detail and that your renders will shine every time.

We have 20 brand new highly detailed shaders packed into this update which I know you’re just going to love: Check these out:

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Diffusion 2.0 | Now available

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So we’re well into December and I hope you’ve all had an amazing 2014.

Yunal and myself have just completed the latest update to Diffusion which includes 10 new crafted shaders, all DR ready which will definitely be an asset to your Diffusion collection.

All customers will be emailed today with the links to the latest files and to celebrate the Christmas season, there will be no price increase for this update so the price will remain at $79.

Our latest shaders

$79 | MAC Edition $79 | PC Edition 720MB Instant Download

Diffusion 1.9 – The biggest upgrade so far

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Over the past 2 months DIFFUSION has undergone a total face-lift and we’ve really been working hard, not only to provide a more realistic shader pack, but also to make it the best shader pack in every regard. Here are some of the newest key features:


This might sound like a generic topic, but we’ve really gone under the hood of Diffusion and made it run a lot smoother and faster, optimising not only the shaders themselves but also the assets and overall performance.

DR Shaders

This is a massive one…  In order to make the shaders more accessible and easier to use, we’ve rebuilt 97/130 shaders to make them VRay DR shaders, which means these shaders aren’t going to be converted on-the-fly but they’re purposefully built with the correct VRay shaders to ensure they render out perfectly over DR.

Over the coming updates, more and more of the shaders will be converted until the entire pack is DR compatible.


New content browser:

Our new content browser is beautifully laid out with previews of each shader. Once you start working with the shader, and if you have the advanced VRay preview scenes, you’ll see every shader more accurately than ever before.

Custom Installers:Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.54.27 PM

To help you correctly install the assets, we’ve packaged Diffusion into custom installers for Mac and PC. This is a significant upgrade to the pack, especially for future updates.

New shaders:

We’ve added 20 brand new shaders to the pack, which range from the humble bamboo, to the extravagant Polished Marble. A range of awesome new metal shaders including Metal Armor and Grunge Metal and some new creative shaders like Creepy Flesh, Organic Web and Sci-fi Metal to name a few.

These new shaders are invaluable to the pack and will definitely make their way into your renders soon.

Heres a look at the latest additions to the family:

$79 | MAC Edition $79 | PC Edition 620MB Instant Download

Diffusion Update 6 – Out now

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Im so proud of this month’s release, Yunal and myself have pushed ourselves and persisted to create some of our best shaders yet. From mouth-watering caramel and chocolate to stunning architectural shaders like the Concrete Arch Pattern and great additions to the wood category, these new shaders will make your renders shine.

This update also celebrates a milestone in the Diffusion pack, we’ve reached 100 shaders and are so happy we’ve taken our time in developing and crafting each and every shader with care.

As usual, all updates are free to previous buyers, if you haven’t received your update or are having any trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Until then, happy rendering!

Diffusion | Designer Shaders for VrayforC4D Update Pack

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Yunal and myself have been hard at work this month and have created 10 new beautiful shaders that we’re adding to the Diffusion pack. This array of high-end shaders has so much to offer, not only are these shaders going to add a whole new level of realism to your renders, the complexity and creation of the shaders is also something you’ll be able to take a part and learn so much from.

The Diffusion pack has grown to a staggering 90 shaders, all built with care and attention to detail. Our focus has always been quality over quantity and I think it proves that taking your time and slowly building an amazing pack over pushing out a pack with what I like to call “filler-textures” really pays off in the end and this is definitely a quality product I’m proud to have my name on and use in my daily renders.

Below are the 10 new additions, for more information, check out our product page here.

Diffusion | December Update

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It’s been a crazy December filled with parties, relaxation and vacationing, but one thing I’m most excited about is the second update to the Diffusion Shader Pack. We’ve been hard at work, crafting new designer shaders for you that are production ready and will enhance your every render.

So if you haven’t seen the latest update, I’ve included a gallery of the 10 new exciting shaders we’ve added to the pack.

December’s addition to the pack.

For those that have already purchased the pack, you will receive an email with download instructions for your free update.

If you haven’t already purchased this amazing pack of VRay shaders for Cinema 4D, make sure you get them today, as with every update, the pack will increase in price.

DIFFUSION | November Update

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I’m so excited and proud to present the first update for DIFFUSION – Designer Shaders for VrayforC4D.

As promised, every month until the end of 2014, we’ll be giving free updates and additions to the pack and the first update is awesome to say the least. This month’s update includes 10 additions covering a wide variety of materials.

The attention to detail and quality you’ll get out these shaders are of the highest standard and there’s nothing better than quality shaders to make your renders sexier than ever.

One thing to remember is that your feedback on the materials is so important to me and if there’s any specific shader you’d like to see in a future update, use the form on the Contact page and we’ll do our best to bring your material to life!

November’s addition to the pack:

For those that have already purchased the pack, you will receive an email with download instructions for your free update.

If you haven’t already purchased this amazing pack of VRay shaders for Cinema 4D, make sure you get them today, as with every update, the pack will increase in price.