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So I think many, if not all, of you have been anticipating this update of Diffusion and I’m so excited to share it finally. We’ve been hard at work as usual, ensuring you receive the finest VRayforC4D shaders available and this update is definitely the culmination of hard work and attention to detail.

The biggest news for many is that the entire pack is now DR-Ready! This means that every shader will render exactly the same through Distributed Rendering as it will on a standalone scene. We’ve thoroughly tested each shader ensuring the finest detail and that your renders will shine every time.

We have 20 brand new highly detailed shaders packed into this update which I know you’re just going to love: Check these out:

The new Fabric previews in the Content Browser show off their details in a much better light and will make selecting your fabrics much easier.


In our effort to convert the remaining shaders to DR ready shaders, we took the opportunity to not just convert them, but to improve them. Not only are the following shaders now DR ready but you’ll notice significant improvements on attention to detail and overall performance.

Here’s a look at the some of the new and improved gems you’ll find in the pack.

The final pack now contains 160 high-quality VRayforC4D shaders, fully DR-compatible ready for your immediate use.
For more information, go to the product page here and the full gallery can be found here.
Happy Rendering

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  • geoffrey van looy says:

    Hi there,

    as a suggestion for a material for the diffusion pack i was thinking maybe you guys could do a brick wall for exterior shots?
    Those modern looking buildings have that glued kind of bricks maybe you could do something like this?

    kind regards

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