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The finest attention to detail

Super 4K textures ensure
every last detail renders


The new Benchmark

Think of it as a premium starter pack
with a year's free rewards


Beautiful in any light

Super procedural and 4k textures ensure all your renders are delivered perfectly.


Production ready

The high detail and quality of the Diffusion textures
ensures they are ready for any challenge

$84 | MAC Edition $84 | PC Edition 1.2GB Instant Download

Some of the materials do not have a 4K map, where can I find it?

Those of the materials that do not have external textures use Cinema4D’s native shaders and are made up procedurally.

Can the materials be used with the newer versions of VrayforC4D?

Yes. Only if you want to use the new Distributed Rendering (DR) in v 1.8 you should prepare your textures first. More info could be found here.

Can I use these materials in a commercial renders?

Yes. The main purpose of the pack is to save you the time needed to create such materials and simply use the already prepared ones or just with a few mouse clicks to adjust them for you own scene.

How do I submit my ideas for future materials?

To keep things organized we would like from you to use the contact form on the website and  simply put “Diffusion material suggestion” in the subject field so you don’t appear in among the spam and we can make sure that every idea is seen.

I’m battling to unzip the Diffusion on Mac OS, what gives?

Because of the large download size of Diffusion, a call was made to segment the zip file for customers to download the files easier, the downside is Mac OS doesn’t handle segmented zip files very well with it’s native Archive utility. Luckily the solution for Mac users is a quick fix!

What you’ll need to do to unzip Diffusion on a Mac:

  • Download all the parts of the zip file to one folder on your Mac
  • Download Stuffit Expander on the App Store or their web page
  • Unzip the main file using Stuffit Expander

Once the unzip is done, you’ll be able to place the .lib file into your /Cinema4D/Library/Browser/ folder.


$84 | MAC Edition $84 | PC Edition 1.2GB Instant Download