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A guide to happy

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The wonderful people over at Panoply London have created a well crafted piece entitled “A guide to happy”

A little insight (for the nerds)

The video was rendered entirely in Arnold for Cinema 4D, making extensive use of the alShaders and the JF Nested Dielectric (so beautiful, but some frames took up to 8hrs per frame on a 20core machine to render). Most of the animation was done in Cinema 4D with all of the heavy effects stuff done in Houdini and then brought back across using alembics and procedurals.

Nearly all the shots make use of in camera DOF (minus the heavy liquid shots) which we managed to get out in a very reasonable render time using AA samples of 7 (a few used AA 8 that used fine wires). Although this still held a little noise we were about clean it up easily in Fusion.

Panoply made good use of the volume rendering for the “disposable money” scene which also used custom attributes created in Houdini what we then took to C4DtoA to help with the shading (burnt edges).


Overall, a fantastic animation, with so much to learn from and drool over.

Be sure to check out the Panoply site for more inspiring creative and show them some love over on twitter.


Rogue Showreel 2014

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Some might not know, but I work full-time for an agency in Johannesburg, South Africa call Rogue. We have recently launched a motion department headed by myself and I’m proud to say that with the launch, we’ve created our first showreel showcasing some of our recently launched motion service offerings such as 3D and information graphic animation, as well as broadcast and packaging design.

This is only the first step on a long creative journey and I hope you enjoy it!

Leave a comment, let me know what you think and if you have a great idea that needs to be realised, give me a shout!

Showcase Billboards | Teaser

By General, Product

Showcase is back and this time we’ve pulled out all the stops for the greatest set of billboard rigs for Cinema 4D. Available in standard and Vray, these billboards will integrate easily into your work and will allow you to continue creating master-pieces.

We’re preparing a great collection for a set that’s dubbed, “The last billboards you’ll ever buy”

Stay tuned on for more news.

Tutorial 7 | Spline Projection

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Hi friends, today’s a quick tutorial, but shows a very important feature inside Cinema 4D – Spline Projection. Take a look and I’m sure you’ll know how you can use this technique in your future projects.

I encourage you all to experiment with Cinema 4D and click on things you wouldn’t normally click on, it can lead you down a new path in your 3D work and can really accellerate your growth!

If you have any questions, or requests for future tutorials, please contact me through the contact page and I’ll gladly assist you!

Until next time – have an awesome weekend!