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Happy Holidays – UV Maps Giveaway

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Happy Happy Holidays!

To say thank you for a great 2016 and all the support throughout the year, I’ve developed 10 designer UV Maps in 2K, 4K and 6K resolutions that you’re free to use under a creative commons licence

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Thank you again for your attention.

Happy Holidays and Happy Rendering!


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Diffusion 4 – Now available

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With every product we release, it’s our mission to produce the highest quality product that’ll serve as many people as possible.

Diffusion 4 is definitely no exception to that – we’ve meticulously crafted 40 high quality materials that will elevate your renders no matter the project.

As always, all the materials are image-based, so if you’re not a VrayforC4D user, with all the necessary textures included (diffusion, spec, normal, displacement, fresnel etc) you’ll be able to quickly adapt the material into your favourite software and render engine.

Check out our product page and gallery for more information.

Happy rendering!

Diffusion Designer Wood Shaders EP – Free Shaders

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To celebrate the launch of the Diffusion Designer Wood Shaders EP, we’ve put together five high resolution 6K shaders for VRayforC4D, for you to use in your projects, best news of all is, they’re free.

The free shaders are

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Diffusion 2.1 (Now 100% DR-Ready)

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So I think many, if not all, of you have been anticipating this update of Diffusion and I’m so excited to share it finally. We’ve been hard at work as usual, ensuring you receive the finest VRayforC4D shaders available and this update is definitely the culmination of hard work and attention to detail.

The biggest news for many is that the entire pack is now DR-Ready! This means that every shader will render exactly the same through Distributed Rendering as it will on a standalone scene. We’ve thoroughly tested each shader ensuring the finest detail and that your renders will shine every time.

We have 20 brand new highly detailed shaders packed into this update which I know you’re just going to love: Check these out:

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Diffusion 2.0 | Now available

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So we’re well into December and I hope you’ve all had an amazing 2014.

Yunal and myself have just completed the latest update to Diffusion which includes 10 new crafted shaders, all DR ready which will definitely be an asset to your Diffusion collection.

All customers will be emailed today with the links to the latest files and to celebrate the Christmas season, there will be no price increase for this update so the price will remain at $79.

Our latest shaders

$79 | MAC Edition $79 | PC Edition 720MB Instant Download

DIFFUSION | November Update

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I’m so excited and proud to present the first update for DIFFUSION – Designer Shaders for VrayforC4D.

As promised, every month until the end of 2014, we’ll be giving free updates and additions to the pack and the first update is awesome to say the least. This month’s update includes 10 additions covering a wide variety of materials.

The attention to detail and quality you’ll get out these shaders are of the highest standard and there’s nothing better than quality shaders to make your renders sexier than ever.

One thing to remember is that your feedback on the materials is so important to me and if there’s any specific shader you’d like to see in a future update, use the form on the Contact page and we’ll do our best to bring your material to life!

November’s addition to the pack:

For those that have already purchased the pack, you will receive an email with download instructions for your free update.

If you haven’t already purchased this amazing pack of VRay shaders for Cinema 4D, make sure you get them today, as with every update, the pack will increase in price.


By Diffusion, Product


Diffusion is a premium shader pack for VrayforC4D. Designed by myself and Yunal Zobu, this pack of textures will be one of the greatest assets you can have if you use Vray4C4D.

Packed with 40 real world textures, this pack will elevate your renders to a whole new level of realism and detail.

The greatest news is that throughout 2014 we’ll be adding a minimum of 10 fresh textures to the pack every month, totally FREE to you. As the pack goes up in textures, the price will slightly increase for those who haven’t already bought it, but once you have bought it, you’ll never pay for any of the remaining updates throughout 2014 .

It’s an amazing pack and I invite everyone to check out the product and the gallery showcasing the amazing textures to-date, and through your support and feedback on the pack, we’ll be able to grow it into the best Vray shader pack in the market.

Check out DIFFUSION here.

Tutorial 16 | Creating a Neon Sign

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In this tutorial we’ll look at how to create a neon sign.
We start off with our path-work inside of Illustrator, then importing it into Cinema 4D.
Learn how to create neon tubing, and get a small taste of building procedural textures inside of Cinema 4D.

As always, comments are appreciated – better yet, post some examples of the cool neon signs you’ve made!


PS: IF you want to follow along with my Illustrator file, download it here.