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Tutorial 002 – Dominoes

By September 13, 2011Tutorial

Here we cover how to create two domino set ups. One being cloning dominoes over a spline and the other setting up large areas and shading them to create dynamic visuals. I also show you how to adjust the direction of the clones according to the type of animation you want.

Feel free to experiment with the two methods and post your creations below!


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  • Eugene says:

    Thanks Irvin. Feel free to post your results below and showcase how it helped you!

  • fremox says:

    Hi !

    Thanks you very much for your tutorial, i find it very useful !
    I want to create the same kind of animation but… what if i wanted to add “typical dominoes points textures” on the dominoes clones (and keeping the image based color shader on them) ??

    I want to add the points texture on the largest sides of the dominoes, not on the thickness sides, and i don’t know how to do that with this shader effector technique for keeping the “image based color” (i want to animate a logo too…)

    Thank you very much for your answer and.. keep up the good stuff !!

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Fremox
      If I understand you correctly, you want to shade the area, however still have the dots on the dominoes?

      What I would do in that case is
      1. Build the domino with dots
      2. texture only the dots on the domino with a color and not the entire domino, that way the shader effector will only effect the surrounding area around the domino and not the dots.

      You can also use several different dominoes in your cloner object to add more variation. I.e. different numbers on the dominoes

      As for animating the logo, you can use an animated texture, but I think this will look a bit cheezy and unrealistic, rather let the dominoes animate the logo.

      Hope this helps.

      • fremox says:

        Thank you very much for your fast answer !

        In fact, i must replace “dots” with custom pictogramms for a client of mine (each pictogram represents one of his skills) and want to reveal his logo with the falling dominoes, just like in your tutorial..

        If i understand you correctly (i’m french so… sorry for my english mistakes !), i must model the dots (in my case the pictos) directly in my dominoes mesh, not with a texture, that’s it ?
        But what if i can’t because of the pictos complexity ?

        How would you make that ? Have you any idea ?
        Thanks for your answer !

        • Eugene says:

          I think it best to send me an example of what you’re working with and trying to create for me to view.
          Use the contact page to send me the links and I will have a look for you!

          • fremox says:

            OK, i just managed to do it !
            I just needed to apply a first material to the clones with the “shader color” of mograph to keep the color data of the shader effector, with the second material with the “dots” (or pictogrammes in may case) in the alpha channel instead of the color one…

            Anyway, thank you very much for your advices and keep the good work !

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