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I’m proud to announce that my third tutorial is live on the Motionworks website.

In this video I explore the dynamic set up of pinball bumpers, using xPresso and dynamics.
Complete with lighting, sound and animation of the bumpers, this tutorial with introduce you to the endless possibilities xPresso and Cinema 4D can offer you.

The scene files and sound-fx for this tutorial are available for download on the Motionworks site.

As always, feel free to post your comments below!

Watch the tutorial here

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  • alex says:

    hi eugene

    great work! but why do you use the mix node? to increase the luminance over 100% i would use an range mapper. so what was your idea behind the mix node?

    • Eugene says:

      Hey Alex
      Nicely spotted, you can use the Range Mapper for both, however, I was just illustrating two methods of achiving the result.
      Using the Mix or Range Mapper nodes, provide basically the same functionality in this case

  • Robert says:


    Thank you for the clear tutorial.
    I have a quick question about it.
    Once I add more Bumper Nulls to the project, the LED on all light up at the same time once the Pinball hits the 1st one.
    How do I solve that?


  • Muhsin says:

    would you please explain about that ring shader’s luminance brightness used in Xpresso.? should i activate the luminance Brightness in the ring’s shader or leave it blank..? anyway, thanks for the great tutorial.

    • Eugene says:

      Yes link the output to the luminance brightness in Xpresso.
      If you have any other problems, or more of an explination, email me your skype name and we can chat about it.

  • Rick says:

    Hi Eugene

    thanks for a great tutorial. i discovered your website today via Motionworks (us South Africans are not supposed to collaborate with the aussies, especially after last weekend!!). keep up the good work. i look forward to your next tutorial. if i can conjure up some ideas i’ll be sure to post them your way. Cheers. Rick

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